Monday, July 29, 2013

Band Launch Season- My picks!

Hey Beauties and Boos,

We're in the middle of 'Band Launch Season' and I love it! This Saturday I went to Fantasy Carnival's 2014 Band Launch presentation and I must admit I wasn't blown away until I saw the costumes up close.

Opuhala is definitely my first pick. I always wanted to play mas in a red or pink costume so it is no surprise that this is one of my favourites.

Pearls of Tangaloa came in a close second to Opuhala. This costume was absolutely STUNNING on stage. I can image how beautiful these pearls and gems would glitter on the road. I don't know- I'm writing this and having a very difficult time deciding which is truly my favourite!

Tribe's presentation was last week Saturday. As per ususal Tribe/Bliss delivered some beautiful costumes.

I had a hard time deciding which costume was my favourite- I've picked Secrets of Silk. Though it's a red costume, the blue gems remind me of Xi Ling Shi (my favourite costume to date).

Take Me To came in second. I love the back piece! The designer did a good job recreating the 2012 theme.

Harts was one of the first bands to have their 2014 presentation. Harts delivers some stunning frontline and individual costumes. Popoca was definitely my favourite. It's no surprise that this section is already sold out!

Who will I play with this year? I honestly have no idea. Each band (so far) has delivered some gorgeous costumes so this is going to be difficult!

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  1. I hate how bands no longer make costumes for "real people" lol come on man, on the road size 0 to 4 is not the norm!